5 Theories About Warren G’s Regulate

On the surface, Regulate is a prototypical rap song about guns, bitches and dice. But something far weirder and darker is going on. MOUNT UP to learn more


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Porn Versions of ’70s TV Shows

Porkin’ Mindy

Three’s Cumpany

Mary, Tyler, More


Not One Guy at a Time

Barnaby Jones Has Sexual Intercourse

Smashed: A Theme Bar in Which the Theme is Alcoholism

alcoholicDécor: A ‘70s suburban basement in deep disrepair, with moldy, yellow shag carpeting, a TV broadcasting snow, and floors and shelves littered with broken bottles, broken picture frames, broken childhood sports trophies. The centerpiece: a tipped over, brown and brittle Christmas tree covered in broken decorations.

Music: A jukebox that plays only Hank Williams, Conway Twitty, and “Butterfly Kisses” on a perpetual loop.

Bartender: Alternately super-attentive and kind, then inexplicably hostile and violent.

Specialty cocktails: House-made Mad Dog 20/20 and isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Over 40 and 70 different varieties of vanilla and turpentine, respectively, are available.

Friday night event: The 12 Steps ($12), in which patrons progressively move around 12 stations and at each, consume a shot.

Currency: Food stamps, war medals, and sobriety chips are accepted in lieu of cash.


Mitt Romney’s Cabinet

romneycabinetSecretary of State:
Trip Hayward

Secretary of the Treasury:
Van Treadwell

Secretary of Defense:
Win Thorndike

Attorney General:
Chip Goulding

Secretary of the Interior: Bif Wadsworth

Secretary of Agriculture: Kip Tillinghast

Secretary of Commerce: Prescott Phipps

Secretary of Labor: Pip Osgood

Secretary of Health and Human Services: Kiki Preston

Secretary of Transportation: Skip Gorham

Secretary of Energy: Tag Newcomb

Secretary of Education: Bitsy Breckinridge

Secretary of Veterans Affairs: Kitt Kitteredge

Secretary of Homeland Security: Bink Kinsgsbury

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: position eliminated

"10 Bro Movies Bros Should Watch With Their Bros" is something I wrote for Funny or Die.

"10 Bro Movies Bros Should Watch With Their Bros" is something I wrote for Funny or Die.